Biesbosch - Netherlands

Beautiful nature

The Biesbosch is a fresh water tidal area, mysterious and adventurous, a rough and  undisturbed wildernis. Endless views over reed bushes alternate with tidal willow woods, only accessible in a canoe. In the vast wetlands thousands of birds feed and rest. Boating through the area you will pass beaver lodges and fallen trees: beavers like it here! For centuries the Biesbosch landscape was shaped by humans, by harvesting rush, reed and willow.


Sustainable recreation

Hear the water ripple, the reed murmur and the birds sing! Electric boattrips and excursions can be made from several places in the Biesbosch. You can also hire an electric boat. Boat owners will find plenty of quiet spots to moor. There are many opportunities to discover the area by foot or bike. In a few years time hundreds of hectares of nature will be developed, with many possibilities for sustainable recreation.



Two provinces, four municipalities, two waterboards, three ministeries, State Forest Management and many private companies work together to make the Biesbosch more sustainable.


The Biesbosch National Park will focus on:

* Obtaining the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism

* Sustainable ferry links

* Charging stations for electrically-driven boats

* Low impact accommodations for hikers and canoers

* Improving boating zoning

* Most sustainable visitors centre in Europe

* ICT routes for pedestrians, cyclists and canoers

* Monitoring visitors

* Sustainable entrepreneurship

* New sustainable products and services

* New programme for nature experience activities




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