Polders of Kruibeke - Flanders

In the old polders of Kruibeke, Bazel and Rupelmonde a large Flood Control Area (FCA) is being constructed. The 650 hectares combine safety (protection against future floods), nature development (conservation of existing nature, development of valuable tidal nature and creation of bird habitats) and recreation (development of sustainable ecotourism).


The FCA will store water once or twice a year: when spring tide coincides with an extreme north-western storm, the water levels in the Scheldt rise to dangerous heights. By cutting off the top of the storm wave and temporarily storing the water, the flood chance in the Scheldt estuary decreases from once every 70 to once every 350 years.


Otherwise, the area will be peaceful. In the north, tides will shape the landscape. More to the south you’ll find black-tailed godwits and their feathered friends, deer in rare swamp woods and countless hikers alongside the Scheldt.




The Polders of Kruibeke will focus on:

* Sustainable tourist-recreational infrastructure in a recognisable house style

* A vision on visitor management for the larger Sigmaplan and the translation towards an actual access plan for the Flood Control Area in Kruibeke

* Sustainable reception facilities

* Participation plan for hard-to-reach target groups

* Communication concerning sustainable tourism emphasising safety, climate and water management

* Communication about sustainable tourism and biodiversity

* A feasibility study on investments and public-private co-operations to meet the diverse needs of visitors


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