The Broads - England

The Broads is the UK’s premier wetland with the same status as a national park. It is made up of more than 200km of navigable waterways in the form of rivers and the broads themselves – manmade shallow lakes, created by peat digging in the Middle Ages.

There are around 60 broads ranging from tiny isolated lakes to huge expanses of water. They provide a refuge for a wealth of rare plants and creatures from otters and water voles to birds like the bittern and the UK's largest butterfly - the swallowtail. Many parts of this unique area are designated as being of international importance for wildlife.


The Broads is a popular visitor destination, particularly for boating holidays, with many wonderful places to visit. Windmills and medieval churches dotted across the landscape reflect its rich history and the city of Norwich is right on the doorstep.


For many, the charm is in the illusion of remoteness when you're on the water. For others it’s the chance to be close to nature, whether walking, cycling or sitting admiring the view.

A map of the Broads can be found in the Broads Photo Gallery.


The Broads will focus on….

* The development of a new Broads Tourism Strategy

* Re-application for the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism

* Promotion of the Green Tourism Business Scheme

* New green accreditation for boats

* The Broads Quality Charter for eating establishments

* The promotion of sustainable products

* Charter Partnerships with businesses under part  2 of theEuropean Charter

* Developing a new tourism website

* Innovative interpretation techniques

* Seeking new audiences through the Mosaic projects

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