Public-private cooperation


Experience and enjoy the Biesbosch-Fund

Three tourist entrepreneurs in the Biesbosch have founded a fund in 2013 to collect money by donations from their guests, to maintain recreational facilities in the Biesbosch. Their initiative is a result of the STEP-excursion about visitor giving schemes to the Lake District September 2012. More than 20 entrepreneurs have already joined the Fund. You can find the website of the fund here.


Excursion Lake District 2012

A delegation of STEP partners with governmental organisations and entrepreneurs, visited the Lake District in England, click here for report.

They were informed about the successful cooperation between organisations and entrepreneurs in this area. Recreational facilities are being restored and new facilities made by money that comes from small extra fees on overnight stays and cups of coffee.

The participants spoke with entrepreneurs who have joined this visitor giving scheme and looked at projects being financed by this scheme. During the excursion the participants discussed about the possibilities of this visitor giving scheme for the STEP areas. The scheme has been introduced to the Broads recently. Click for the presentations: Partnership and Working Together, Nurture Lakeland, The Role of Marketing, STEP slides, Visit Give Protect, Learning points 14-09-12.



Public-private cooperation workshop in the Broads

This workshop was combined with the third combined meeting of the International Steering Group and Coordination Group STEP which took place in Norwich in November 2011. It explored the ways in which Broads tourism businesses and the Broads Authority have co-operated in order to improve the sustainability of the tourism sector. Trips were also made to tourism businesses and public facilities where the Broads Authority has a direct involvement, all of which have some involvement in the Green Tourism Business Scheme. Read the full report of the three day visit and public-private cooperation workshop here.


Biesbosch businesses and Green Key

April 2011 ten Biesbosch-entrepreneurs signed a convenant with The Biesbosch National Park to make their business more sustainable (click here for picture). The Parkschap asked KMVK to help the businesses in realising this goal. Seven businesses were awarded a Green Key in December 2011 (click here for picture). Seven more businesses will hopefully obtain their Green Key End 2012. Also, KMVK is developing sustainability criteria for boat rental companies, in which the experiences of the Broads are an example. For the presentation click here.


Green Mark for Broads Boats

In June 2011 the Broads Authority, in partnership with Broads Tourism and the Green Tourism Business Scheme, launched a new Green Mark accreditation for eco-friendly holiday cruisers. The award is based on 25 criteria specially developed for boats including eco-friendly design, energy efficiency, waste management and providing ‘green’ information for hirers.


Polders of Kruibeke: first workshop for businesses

Within the framework of the study towards an accesplan for the Polders of Kruibeke, 'Waterwegen en Zeekanaal' and the 'Agentschap voor Natuur en Bos' organized an interactive evening voor the entrepreneurs of Kruibeke in March 2011. After a presentation brought by touristic advisor Eric Van Nuland, the entrepreneurs sat together around the table to discuss business-opportunities within the framework of the realization of the flood control area.


The Broads: green tourism business seminar

The Broads Authority and Broads Tourism organised a sustainable tourism seminar in March aimed at encouraging businesses to sign up to the Green Tourism Business Scheme - the UK’s only eco-tourism accreditation.

The Broads has the largest cluster of accredited green businesses in the Eastern Region with around a dozen businesses belonging to the scheme. A full report of the seminar can be found here.

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